Get Started!!

Here’s how TEEN Summer Read 2009 works:

 Sign up at any of the participating branches

  1. Friends of the Urban Forest
  2. SF Environment
  3. Golden Gate National Rec Association
  4. SCRAP
  5. Friends of the San Francisco Public Library

&   Registration: seed packet

&   15 hours – notebook

&   30 hours – bamboo flash drive and Aug 7th party invitation!


  1. You may read books, magazines, graphic novels, newspapers (E-mail is not eligible)
  2. You may read aloud
  3. You may participate at any ONE library branch
  4. One prize per level per person
  5. Prizes may be limited


After you have read 30 hours, you may continue reading at 15 hour intervals to earn more chances to win in the raffle.  You must complete a Comment slip to get a chance to win a raffle prize. GRAND RAFFLE PRIZES: MacBook Air, Bike, iTouch!! Drawing: Aug 7th!


Remember:  Your comment slip qualifies as your raffle entry ticket so please follow the directions and fill it out completely.  Incomplete forms will not be eligible for raffle prizes.


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